Top 7 Ways on How Kids Can Make Money

Wondering how kids can earn and make money for a living, here is how? The top 7 ways on how kids can make money involves washing cars, being a bag boy, lawn mowing, running errands, house cleaning, pet walking and craft lessons.

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How To Save Gas When Antiquing

With gas prices climbing to over $4.00 a gallon, many people are reluctant to drive around antiquing and visiting tag sales . What is an obsessed collector to do when the urge to get out and about is in direct conflict with just how much it costs today to fill up the tank? The solution is to plan more and be more selective about where you are shopping. The days of “hit and miss” hunting for antiques and collectibles may need to be modified.

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Vintage Car Exhibitions – A Fun Hobby

If you are a true car aficionado, you must surely appreciate cars built in days long gone. I have always thought there is a certain charisma to cars that were built many decades ago that modern cars don’t have. That is not to say that modern cars aren’t beautiful. Old and new cars are both great to drive and look at. In their own way, they both have beauty. I don’t have the financial means to support a large collector car collection of my own, which is too bad. I also wouldn’t know where to store them. Luckily, I can still visit classic car shows to have a look at other people’s cars.

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